Nils Davidsen's FaKIRGIRaF - Surfacing Attractions
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Nils Bo Davidsen - Keyboards

Nils Davidsens FaKIRGIRaF "the SURFACING ATTRACTIONS" - release on April 22nd!


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Bassplayer/composer Nils Davidsen releases new music, mainly based on sounds from analog keyboards. Homemade & handplayed.




To most people Nils "Bosse" Davidsen is known for his work on acoustic and electric bass in the field of contemparary jazzmusic. He has been a strong voice on the danish and international jazzscene for more than 25 years now.

Nils Davidsen has played and recorded w people like Dr. Eugene Chadbourne, Ikue Mori, John Tchicaï, Bobby Previte, Tim Berne, Dave Liebman, Marc Ducret, Django Bates, Ray Anderson, Joachim Kühn, Herb Robertson, Richie Beirach, Bunky Green, Tom Rainey, Peter Brötsman, Chris Speed, Iain Bellamy, Sam Yahel and Gary Thomas.




Some notes from Nils Davidsen on his new album with FaKIRGIRaF , which reveals a new side of his artistic work :


”FaKIRGIRaF is  for me a fantasyworld.

A platform, where I can meet other sides of my musical self .

Inventing and developing stuff. Doing whatever I want to.

Working with the FaKIRGIRaF music is being the master of universes. Moving around freely and quickly.


In 2006 when I stumbled over these analog keyboards, I started recording bits.  In the beginning -yes- just for fun.

Yet what started out as a flirt between me and the machines, turned into a longerlasting relationship.

The keyboards are easy to manipulate - they are like small instant symphonyorchestras in a box.


In general terms, you can say that it’s about searching for sounds - my sounds. Our sounds. Other sounds. Sounds from the inside and sounds from the outside.  


And , at the end of the day, exposing the music to you.



So please : get lost in attractions & skeletons - enjoy!"



Nils April Davidsen 2013

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