Anderskov Accident
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Jacob Anderskov - Piano
Kasper Tranberg - Trumpet
Jesper Zeuthen - Alto Saxophone
Ned Ferm - Tenor saxophone
Anders Banke - Bass clarinet
Peter Dahlgren - Trombone
Rune Kielsgaard - Drums
Jeppe Skovbakke - Bass

Anderskov Accident has digested and transcended the irrational time feel from the internationally acclaimed previous album, Unity of Action (2005). The sound on NEWSPEAK is more acoustic, and a number of new approaches has been added to the book: Political accellerations on top of a steady pulse, weddingmarches with african GMOs, Baltic rocks in the mist, radioactive lower voices & protest songs without words – etc..

The result is visionary and warm-blooded. It is liquid, sparkling and intuitive yet subtly structured. Though constantly investigating new ground, the music is performed with great musical reserve, giving the music an inner balance and a true spontaneity.

Anderskov Accident works as a vehicle for what may be the most grandiose, poetic, odd and beautiful part of Pianist & Composer Jacob Anderskov’s compositional euvre. The music easily juxtaposes and unifies new combinations of e.g. writing vs freedom, time vs rubato, broad beats vs solid grooves, and displays various types of tonalities. Rhythmically, structurally and emotionally, there is nothing like it.

ANDERSKOV ACCIDENT's previous CD, UNITY OF ACTION, was praised around the world. It resulted in the election as "spearhed" in the "International Danish Jazz Launch", and in touring in a.o. USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Holland & France.





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