Jesper Løvdal, Lovedale
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Jesper Løvdal - Tenor-, sopranosaxophone, altoclarinet
Jacob Anderskov - Piano
Jonas Westergaard - Bass
Anders Mogensen - Drums

Communicative and freely approched soulmusic is what this quartet is about. The sound is nordic and scandinavian though swingin’ and the repertoire is mostly tunes by bandleader and saxophoneplayer Jesper Løvdal.

Jakob Anderskov plays piano and is the hottest new name in danish modern jazz right now. His pianoplaying is very personal which can be heard on the 2 albums he recorded with his trio including american bassist Michael Formanek.

Jonas Westergaard is playing upright bass in the band when he is not touring and playing with Oliver Lake, John Tchicai, Tim Berne, Michael Blake and Jimmy Cobb to mention some of the many musicians who use his energetic and melodic playing.

Anders Mogensen has been one of the leading moderne jazzdrummers in Denmark for the last 10 years. He has recorded with Gary Thomas, Niels Lan Doky, Copenhagen Art Ensemble, Ray Anderson among many others. His playing is complex but swingin and his personal sound on the drums is an important part of the music played in the band.

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