Little Red Big Bang
Little Red Big Bang
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Elena Setien - Vocal
Johanna Borchert - Piano
Jonas Westergaard - Bass
Peter Bruun - Drums
Jesper Løvdal - Saxophone
Jeppe Højgaard - Saxophone
Kevin Christensen - Trombone
Jakob Munch - Tuba
Jimmy Nyborg - Trumpet

About the new album

„Well, we started to collect suitcases, first only small red ones, then other small ones in different colours. Lately they ́ve become bigger and bigger. Our Little Red Big Bang is the biggest suitcase we have so far. „

The composers Elena Setién and Johanna Borchert like to combine written music with free improvised music. They like clearness, comitment to music and musicianship as well as they like to break rules and make room for unexpected craziness.

The album will feature 11 new compositions by their Setién/ Borchert duo. Written especially with the line-up of musicians in mind, the compositions range from catchy brass pop arrangements to nerdy Ligethi inspired tongue twisters. From a „Will we ever meet again. “ ballad to a Rainer Maria Rilke „Herbst“ poem set to music.

The album has been recorded during september 2010 at the We Know Music Studio in Copenhagen by sound engineer August Wanngren. Live in the studio in order to catch the live improvised spirit between the musicians, whom all are keyplayers on the danish and international jazzscene.

Releaseconcert was at Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen February 11th.

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