Jeppe Gram
Liquid Sound
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Frederik Lundin - Saxophones
Søren Kjærgaard - Piano
Nils Bo Davidsen - Bass
Jeppe Gram - Drums

Jeppe Gram Kvartet: Liquid Sound

Danish drummer and composer, Jeppe Gram will release the third album his his own name on March 23rd. This album – Liquid Sound – presents Jeppe Gram's new quartet, established back in 2013 and consisting of Fredrik Lundin (saxophones), Søren Kjærgaard (piano), Nils Davidsen (bass) and Jeppe Gram himself on drums. 

Liquid Sound is a predominantly sotto voce album; the basic theme of the tunes is the exploration of the pause, so timing is a key factor. The quiet compositions are accompanied by more playful, lively numbers, striking a fine balance between written sections and freer passages. This release is a great opportunity to get to know four individualists teamed up in a powerful ensemble which never drowns individual creativity.


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