Qarin Wikström, Kostcirkeln
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Qarin Wikström - Vocals, ukulele
Simon Toldam - Harmonium
Stephan Sieben - Electric guitar
Jakob Falgren - Electric bass
Anders Provis - Drums
Thomas Caudery - Flügelhorn
Lars Søberg - Flügelhorn
Niklas Antonson - Trombone
Kevin Christensen - Euphonium
Øivind Slaatto - Tuba

Nostalgic sounding edgy pop with vocals, brass section, and a harmonium centered rockband.

Music written and arranged for brass instruments, vocals, pumporgan,electric guitar, bass and drums is presented on this brand new release from danish indie-label ILK. Songs with a flavour from the Salvation army brassbands tradition carefully entwined with pop melodies and slightly twisted arrangements.

KOSTCIRKELN is a 10-piece band put together by swedish vocalist and composer Qarin Wikström. The compositions and arrangements  reveals passion for organic sounds,  the swedish lyrics telling semi happy picturesque stories of unexpeted romance and contradictive personalities.





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