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Qarin Wikström - Vocal
Simon Toldam - Piano
Stephan Sieben - Guitar
Knut Finsrud - Drums
Putte Johander - Bass

Sekten to release the music film KLUBBHUS!


In collaboration with one of Denmarks celebrated young documentary directors, Sofie Tønsberg, the pricewinning orchestra Sekten has made a fascinating music film. 


Since 2003 the Copenhagen based Scandinavian orchestra Sekten has presented their whiff of madness and frail naivety combined with musical breadth and instrumental mastery. On stage, Sekten gives the audience a total conceptual experience of performance and music. With focus on improvisation, intuition and interaction, this unique band delivers a constantly surprising performance. This combination of Sektens experimenting sound space with their strong visual expression is manifestated in the film KLUBBHUS. Together with the young and talented documentary director Sofie Tønsberg, they made an inventive music film that invites the audience into a world sliding between storytelling and sound esthetics.


The action of the film flourish in an atmosphere of both eccentric and bizarre elements. Sektens mother invites the members into her house – the ”KLUBBHUS”. One by one they put on their similar white shirts, black ties and heavy glasses. Then Sekten performs their rituals and praises in a musical dialogue through which they asses a strong relationship. This ultimately breaks down into pieces when Sektens members split up and move back to ”real life”.


Sekten says:

”Ever since the creation of Sekten, we have been concerned about making the concert experience an entity in itself. An absolute performance where we create a hook that drags the audience into Sektens universe, through a symbiotic harmony of both the auditory and the visual aspects... from which they have no way out.This is the reason why it has been a great wish for Sekten to express ourselves on film. A medium which creates possibilities to document a moment in our investigation of the cross over between music and performance”


Check out the trailer on Sektens facebookpage!





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