Anders Banke, Peter Danstrup, Anders Provis
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Peter Danstrup - Acoustic bass guitar
Anders Provis - Drums
Anders Banke - Saxophone


The members of the trio are all well known from the flourishing Danish jazz-scene and origin from the awardwinning orchestra Danstrup/Reptiles, that won 2 Danish Music Awards in the 2012 event.

Now they have turned to the much more intimate and flexible trio unit, demonstrating their original and fresh take on trio music.

Corresponding to an overall theme ’Songs, that could have been Danish’ bassist Peter Danstrup wrote all the CD’s 10 compositions, and presents new sides of his talent. The themes are singable yet quirky, creating the perfect framework for the obvious improvisational potential of the group. Thus grappling with terms like scandinavian sound and music with nordic roots the music challenges and gives new definitions to the labels that too often is put on music from our part of the world.

The trio is an invigorating mix of generations:
Peter Danstrup has been a lifelong associate with the late John Tchicai since the 1970’s and plays with bands like Jan Kaspersen, Mikkel Nordsø Band and Alisio Ensemble.
Anders Banke is a versatile talented saxophone player known from New Jungle Orchestra, Stefan Pasborgs Odessa 5, Spring and Eggs Laid by Tigers.
Anders Provis is another rising star of young Danish drummers playing with groups like Book of Sounds, Kostcirkeln and Band of the Universe.

Music composed by Peter Danstrup (more info on

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