Jazz til Tiden
Jazz til Tiden
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Nils Bo Davidsen - Bass
Laura Toxværd - Altsax
Albert Raft - Tenor sax
Peter Fuglsang - Sopransax
Francesco Bigoni - Tenorsax
Mads Hyhne - Trombone
Jacob Anderskov - Piano
Jacob Højer - Drums
Peter Bruuns - Drums

”Jazz til tiden” is bassplayer and composer Nils Davidsens first release for the independent danish label ILK.

Its a collection of 7 pieces written for different constellations. Featuring a.m.o. Jacob Anderskov, Mads Hyhne, Peter Bruun and Jacob Højer.

The music, being both lyrical and raw, shows many different sides of Davidsen, as composer and bandleader.

Nils Davidsen has since the early 90’es worked as sideman with a large number of international jazzstars. A.m.o. : Django Bates, Herb Robertson, Tim Berne, Marc Ducret, Tom Rainey, Gary Thomas, John Tchicai, Joachim Kühn, Adam Nussbaum, Bobby Previte, Wofgang Pushnig, Gianluca Petrella, Benoit Delbecq, Sam Yahel, Eric Mingus, Chris Speed, Ikue Mori, Richie Beirach, Peter Brötsman og Iain Ballamy.

Nationally he’s  a part of the wild creative scene in Denmark. Collaborating with people such as: Kasper Tranberg, Kresten Osgood, Jacob Anderskov, Carsten Dahl, Simon Toldam and Søren Nørbo.







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