Qarin Wikström, Kostcirkeln
Kostcirkeln - Innehåll: Musik
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Qarin Wikström - Vocal
Anders Provis - Drums
Jakob Falgren - Bass
Stephan Sieben - Guitar
Simon Toldam - Piano

New music in a matchbox - release on April 15th!

About the album
The alternative pop-band Kostcirkeln releases their EP no. 2 in a planned trilogy. This time the release is solely digital: A download code enclosed in a remarkable matchbox.
In 2012, ”Bästa vän” was released on vinyl as the first part of an EP trilogy. Now the second part, Innehåll: Musik (Content: Music) is here. It reveals Kostcirkeln's honest idea of pop music today. The music and lyrics have a naïve and sweet expression, added with energetic anarchy and a touch of grandmother-nostalgia. The songs are backed up by sparkling arrangements with sharp edges.

About Kostcirkeln
Kostcirklen consists of five strong-headed individuals who jointly create a constantly changing and wondrous sound scape. The front singer and composer Qarin Wikström and the musicians in Kostcirkeln are all very active on the Copenhagen music scene, and play with various artists such as: Savage Rose, Anders Mathiasen (Murder), Mikkel Hess, Pinkunoizu, Eggs Laid By Tigers, Big Bombastic Collective, just to mention a few.

About Qarin Wikström:
Received the Danish art-councils prestigeous three-year grant for composers, in 2012. Winner of 2 Danish music awards, and has through the latest decade been a significant voice on the Danish music scene in the outskirts of alternative pop and improvised music.Bands such as Kostcirkeln, Attaboy, Sekten, Babakarej, Big Bombastic Collective and Pistol nr. 9 all have a scent of her peculiar musical universe.

Watch the lovely music video by danish film maker Sofie Tønsberg for the single "Himmelguitar" HERE!

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