Impressions of Radiohead
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Jacob Anderskov - Piano

Impressions of Radiohead

Jacob Anderskov interprets Radiohead. Solo piano. Recorded LIVE at SMK 01.10.2011.  

The theme is like meat the burglar gives to the house-dog, to keep the listener’s mind diverted and quiet, while the music does its work upon him/her.” - freely after T. S. Eliot, 'The Use of Poetry and the Use of Criticism'.

Jacob Anderskov has as a pianist, bandleader and composer been described as “belonging to the most extraordinary artists of contemporary music” (Jazz Podium, De, May 2010), and received numerous awards, among them recently “Danish Jazz Composer of the Year 2013” at Danish Music Awards. Though Anderskov has released close to 20 albums as a leader, this is only the second album featuring only material not composed by himself, (the first being “På Dansk” (“in Danish”), 2006, covering traditional Danish material). And it is only his second solo piano album (the first being “Panta Rhei”, 2007).

Jacob Anderskov says:

"Radiohead is one of the few non-improvising bands of my own time which at a pivotal point meant a lot to me, also in relation to my way of composing for my own ensembles, especially Anderskov Accident. I hear their compositional approaches as parallel to those of Wayne Shorter and Johannes Brahms (in the way the melodic and harmonic sensibilities are unified, the way harmonies are colours (not information), and in the way form emerges from needs as much as from architectural considerations).

As my preparation for the concert, I gave the songs an extended treatment, reminiscent of the way I worked on traditional Danish material for my “på dansk” (in Danish) album. I tried to pull the songs out and away from their original versions, to strip them of all but their most essential substances. Afterwards, live, I reassembled the material anew…

Many listeners have since the concert urged me to release the material. When listening to the recordings, I was positively surprised of the music. However, some technical problems in the recordings made me doubt whether the material was releasable, which delayed the further process some time. But thanks to an amazing sonic rescue mission by John Fomsgaard, it is now possible to present this release.

Thanks to Warner/Chappell Music Ltd., and to Charlotte Hellström, for giving permission to release the material.” - Jacob Anderskov, January 2014.

”Anderskov expands sonic language of Danish Jazz. … Superb.” - Peter Margasak, Down Beat, March 2013.

“Over the last decade or so, pianist Jacob Anderskov has emerged as one of the most exciting and original voices ... deeply modern...” - Down Beat, November 2010.


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