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Anna Mose - Vocal
Johanna Sulkunen - Vocal
Mari Tveito - Vocal
Sofie Holm - Vocal
Mia Marlen Berg - Vocal
Anna María Björnsdóttir - Vocal
Guro Tveitnes - Vocal
Kamilla Kovacs - Vocal
Mette Skou - Vocal


IKI is bubbling intuition and EXPLODING improvisation! IKI is a philosophy about being in the present and creating music on the spot only by using the human voice, exploring its many facets and sounds. IKI evolves and transforms singing and brings it into new unchartered territories.

The entire album – both music and lyrics – was completely improvised on the spot during three intense days in the studio. The result was seven hours of music from which the band picked out twelve of their favourite pieces for this self-titled album.

IKI combines different styles from jazz, pop, classical compositions to folk and avant-garde. The nine female musicians met in the autumn of 2009 as students at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, and they brought together their different musical personalities and cultural influences from Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway. Each of IKI’s concerts is a universe of its own inspired by the present surroundings, moods and time of day. It is an intense all-round experience that has taken audi- ences to unknown destinations, in part inspired by their very own presence and interaction with the band.

IKI is always reaching out to new challenges and is engaged in many collaborations across different art forms, among them improvising together with actors, poets and making soundtracks to movies. IKI’s curiosity and intuitive approach to music already brought them to numerous concerts venues, festivals, TV and radio in Denmark, Iceland and Norway, and had them perform and make live recordings in places like swimming pools, on the street together with dancers, in ateliers and at art exhibitions.

With this debut album IKI takes one more step forward in their exploration of improvisation. IKI is nine voices and no rules!

“I consider IKI a driving force on the contemporary music scene in Denmark and I am proud that they have chosen to release their first album on ILK. In a time where improvising seems to become an increasingly radical thing to do, I am thrilled to see a vocal ensemble taking so many chances and at such a high musical level.”
– Kresten Osgood, executive producer & ILK





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