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Francesco Bigoni - Tenor Saxophone
Mark Solborg - Guitar
Kevin Brow - Drums


Hopscotch - a unique international meeting of competent immigrants. We’re happy and proud to present the debut album of this Italian/Danish/Canadian trio.


The course consists of 10 carefully selected recordings of original compositions written by members of the group: Fabulating melodies and improvisations, open space with room for timbre and nuances, straight up with an edge and much more.


Hopscotch is a musical playground where composed and improvised ideas with aim and purpose are investigated and unfolded. The squares and bases are drawn by equal scotch-hoppers with a passion for consequence and rye bread. Hopscotch jumps - on one or two feet - from one musical space to another with focus on equilibrium and the shared marker.


The music is recorded in one big room with use of ribbon microphones to obtain a rich and warm group-sound. As in a concert.


Hopscotch comes in the original Stumptown Printers' Arigato Pak made from 100% recycled chipboard - no adhesives.

Francesco Bigoni (b. 1982), Saxophone, from Ferrara, Italy is a member of El Gallo Rojo (, a collective recordlabel. He has participated in Stefano Battaglias Permanent Workshop in Siena, Italy, 2004-2008. He has performed in Austria, Italy, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Slovenia and USA, and has shared stages with Ralph Alessi, Luciano Biondini, Domenico Caliri, Anthony Coleman, Daniele D’Agaro, Paolo Fresu, Ulrich Gumpert, Curtis Hasselbring, Tristan Honsinger, Briggan Krauss, Gary Lucas, Jessica Lurie, Enrico Rava, Chris Speed, a.o. Francesco’s present projects (besides Hopscotch) is Headless Cat, Osmiza and Houdini’s Cage. Currently he’s working with Gianluca Petrella Cosmic Band, Greg Cohen’s Argus, Beppe Scardino Orange Room, Giulio Corini Libero Motu and Stefano Battaglia Outvestigation. Francesco has been living in Copenhagen since 2009.


Danish-argentinian guitarist Mark Solborg (b.1972) has since 2000, as either leader or co-leader of the groups Revolver, Ventilator, moLd, Solborg/Eilertsen/Bruun, Robertson/Solborg Duo and Mark Solborg 4, released 9 albums with his original music. He has performed on a number or prestigeous venues and festivals in Copenhagen, Århus, Oslo, Grenoble, Strassbourg, Berlin, Damaskus, Leipzig, Vilnius, Shanghai, Beijing, a.o. Notably with Herb Robertson, Chris Speed, Pål Nilssen Love, Mats Eilertsen and recently with Evan Parker. Solborgs work as composer and guitarist has been Grammy- nominated, Reumert-awarded, premiered by Statens Kunstfond (Danish Arts Agency) and the Spanish ministry of Culture Det, and has recieved substantial international recognition. A personal, unpolished and unconventional approach, whether dealing with odd-meter grooves, contrapuntal lines, complex harmony or just a couple of simple chords, is a cherished ambition and trademark. Mark has co-founded the record-label ILK and is currently based in Copenhagen.


Drummer Kevin Brow’s musicality can be defined as melodically adventurous, mixed with humor, transparency and intense dynamics. He has toured Europe and North America with groups and musicians like Pete Robbins, Mikkel Ploug, Goo!, Koptor, Peter Rosendal, Mike Murley, Davis Brais and Phil Dwyer. He also leads his own group, Koptor, that just released a new album on Fresh Sound New Talent Records. He has been described as one of the strongest drummers in Denmark as well as a gifted melody-maker on the kit. Brow (b. 1980) is originally fra Orangeville, Ontario, Canada and currently residing in Copenhagen.

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#1 2 [Bigoni/SolBorg/Brow ] 3:15

#2 Elope Soon [Bigoni ] 4:09

#3 Airports [Brow ] 6:00

#4 Brainwashing [Brow ] 5:14

#5 meet mr green [Bigoni ] 2:42

#6 Almost [SolBorg ] 7:02

#7 Surdej [Bigoni/SolBorg/Brow ] 2:38

 #8 Socca [Bigoni ] 5:00

 #9 not interesting, But true [Bigoni ] 5:50

 #10 E [SolBorg ] 2:23

total time 44:19


Selected related releases:

Headless Cat: Blind Tail (El Gallo Rojo 314-29)

Robertson/Solborg: NOD (ILK152CD)

moLd: Voodoo Down Jump (ILK158CD)

Mark Solborg 4: 1+1+1+1 (ILK129CD)

Kevin Brow: Dolls & Guns (Blackout Music 031)

Koptor: Fire Sink (Fresh Sound FSNT-384)


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