Jesper Løvdal, Lovedale
Grill Music
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Jesper Løvdal - Tenor saxophone
Jacob Anderskov - Piano
Jonas Westergaard - Bass
Anders Mogensen - Drums
Cuong Vu - Trumpet


The new Cd from Lovedale, ”Grill Music”, is the group’s latest statement since the DMA*-nominated debutCD from 2004. In spite of being together for 6 years, the musicians still constantly challenge each other. With spontainity and a great appetite on music from all over the world, have they once again maneged to create a special Lovedale- sounding cd.

Free-Spirit Lovemusic is a good label for the music, which also features american trumpetplayer Cuong Vu. Being one of the leading creative trumpetplayers of his genera- tion with his unique sound and amazing energy, Cuong Vu has performed with artist like Pat Metheny, David Bowie, Dave Douglas, Laurie Anderson and Chris Speed.

The four members of the quartet are personal composers, dedicated to play their own music, and they are all corner- stones in Lovedale’s warm sound and musical approach. Longstretched parts and wide dynamics as well as a lyrical approach to melody and improvisation are the most important elements in the sound of Lovedale.

Danish Jazz Release of the Year at Danish Music Awards 2007.

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