Jesper Løvdal, Lovedale
Green Sounds
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Jesper Løvdal - Tenorsax, flute, clarinet
Nils Wogram - Trombone, melodica
Jacob Anderskov - Würlitzer, piano
Anders Mogensen - Drums

Having played in and out of compositions on 3 prior albums, Green Sounds is fully improvised, played by four musicians with a strong sense of both form and moving in surprising directions.

Replacing the original bassplayer, Jonas Westergaard, german trombone virtuoso Nils Wogram is joining Lovedale with a joyful and swingin attitude.  Wogram has been playing with Lovedale as the fifth member for two years, and shows at this recording session that he puts his musical heart into the band 100 percent.

Jacob Anderskov is playing the würlizter electric piano in his very personal way, using the instrument mainly as a stringinstrument with no exact pitch.

Drummer Anders Mogensens strong sense of swing never leaves him, even in an improvised setting like this, and this recording is probably his most inspired and surprising.

Jesper Løvdal’s flute and clarinet playing also adds new sounds to Lovedale. Finding his inspiration in the instruments in any other place than the common ones, it is an important part of this organic music.

Presented with no artificial additives: Green Sounds

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