Free Moby Dick
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Stefan Pasborg - Drums
Mikko Innanen - saxophone
Liudas Mockunas - multi-reeds
Nicolai Munch-Hansen - Bass

Release September 28th 2012

Three time grammy-winning Danish drummer and composer, Stefan Pasborg, is releasing this brand new album with his exiting interpretations of six standards from the history book of rock'n'roll.

’'FREE MOBY DICK'' is the latest project by Danish drummer Stefan Pasborg, and has now resulted in this release, which includes very personal takes on 6 classic tracks from the historybook of Rock 'n' Roll !

A passion towards playing some of the iconic rock-riffs by bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and The White Stripes, but in his own way and as platforms for improvisations within a free approach, inspired him to create this project. These riffs, together with a track by The Rolling Stones and one by Tom Waits, is the foundation for this release.

In 2011 Pasborg was offered to be ‘Artist-in-Residence’ at Jazzhouse in Copenhagen, and early on he decided to present six new and unique constellations to the club. One of them he named ‘’Free Moby Dick’’ (a free and abstract name-twist of the big ‘’rock n’ roll whale’’ known as Moby Dick, with a little hint in direction of quite bad american B-movies about locked up whale lookalikes) in which the dogma should be to ONLY perform tracks from the history book of rock ‘n’ roll within a free approach. 

He invited three of his favorite European musicians to join the fun: Mikko Innanen (Fin), Liudas Mockunas (Lit) and Nicolai Munch-Hansen (Den) with whom he has so often played during the past 10-15 years in several other constellations (Delirium, Triot, Toxikum, Odessa 5, Megaphone etc.)  - The result is this record!
Contact: Eva Frost - - Booking: Stefan Pasborg -

Three time Grammy-winner Stefan Pasborg is a highly energetic drummer from the melting pot of Copenhagen, and after getting a snare drum, a cymbal and a high-hat at the age of three from renowned jazz drummer Alex Riel, he has developed into a very personal musician on the European jazz scene.
He has performed and recorded with musicians like: John Tchicai, Marc Ducret, Ellery Eskelin, Tomasz Stanko, Ray Anderson, Tim Berne, Palle Danielsson, Anders Jormin, Miroslav Vitous, Michael Formanek, among others....And has toured the most of Europe and in USA, Canada, Africa and Asia - both as a leader and as a sideman.
At Danish Music Awards 2004 he was voted ʻNew jazz-name of The Yearʼ...and his release ʻToxikumʼ was voted ʻJazz Discovery of the Yearʼ. And at Danish Music Awards 2011 he received a grammy for his release ‘’Odessa X-tra Large’’.
His first release as a leader – TriplePoint (ILK 2007) – was selected into worldwide TOP 5 "Best Debut Albums of 2007" by All About Jazz Magazine, New York.

He is one of the founding members of the record label and collective ILK Music.
Stefan Pasborg was chosen to be Artist-in-Residence at Copenhagen Jazzhouse during 2011.

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