Kresten Osgood, Paul Bley
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Kresten Osgood - Drums
Paul Bley - Piano

FLORIDA is Danish drumwiz Kresten Osgoods latest outing on ILK.

It features Osgood in a duo with piano genius Paul Bley. Recorded in West Palm Beach in january 2007 it is the most recent document of Paul Bleys playing.


Bley, 75,  has recorded well over 100 albums in his 50 plus carreer as a jazzmusician and been a vital part of the history of jazz. He played with Charlie Parker, Lester Young and Ornette Coleman in the 50´s, Reinvented jazzpiano in the 60´ (without Paul Bley, Keith Jarret wouldn´t sound like he does), helped define the sound of the ECM label and was one of the first to introduce synthesisers... Paul Bley has played a part in every period of jazz since bebop and has played with nearly every important player in Jazz. 


Osgood is 45 years younger than Bley, but he has already established himself as one of scandinavias most important players today. He has collaborated with such improvising heroes as Sam Rivers, Oliver Lake, Dr. Lonnie Smith and John Tchicai and appears on well over 30 albums. This is his most ambitious release to date.


Recorded in one day it captures the energy of the meeting of the minds. Osgood holding his ground against the master. The record is an examination of the improvising mind. It has moments of abstraction and moments of beauty. There are no tricks, no makeup. 

This is what happened in FLORIDA 



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