Travelling Tribes
Everything Seems To Change
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Emil Jensen - Vocal, guitar, trumpet
Lil Lacy - Vocal, keyboards, cello
Anders Filipsen - Keyboards, vocal
Victor Dybbroe - Percussion, drums, vocal

Release November 19th!

Lo-fi wailing, transistor drums, the power of nature and echo machines
The four musicians in the group Travelling Tribes will release their debut album “Everything seems to change” on November 19th 2012
Two years ago the musician Emil Jensen travelled through West Africa. A dark night on a deserted beach in Gambia he experienced a wild and intense song sung by an elder African singer. The experience gave Emil a completely new understanding of the possibility in music to express passion; which sowed the seeds to Travelling Tribes.
This kind of ecstasy already influenced the percussion player Victor Dybbroe in his childhood in Bali, where he was overwhelmed by shadow plays accompanied by traditional Gamelan orchestras.
The desire to express the unexplainable experiences and feelings tie all the members of Travelling Tribes together when transcending genres from all around the globe on the album “Everything seems to change”.
In a mix of unison singing, Chinese cello melodies, spherical keyboards, distorted African drums, polyphonic choir and noise guitar, the four musicians have created a sound that has been developed through the last year and a half.
“We have used ages to make the drums wail in the perfect way,” Emil Jensen laughs. “The goal has been to express a universal sound that can be recognized outside of the borders of Denmark”.
The curiosity of the world has been returned and the band has been invited to play in the spring of 2013 at the Canadian Music Week and followed by a tour in the US.
About the band
Travelling Tribes consist of four comprehensive musicians from the underground music environment of Copenhagen. The musicians work with a.o. price receiving and nominated groups like Valby Vokalgruppe, Girls in Airports and The White Nothing. They have furthermore played and worked with musicians suchs as John Tchicai, Trentemøller, Clara Bryld and Soffie Viemose.

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