Enhver betydning er også en mislyd
Little Red Suitcase
Enhver betydning er også en mislyd
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Elena Setien - Vocal, Violin and Perc
Johanna Borchert - Piano
Lars Skinnebach - Reading, Alt sax and Flute

Little Red Suitcase, a duo with pianist Johanna Borchert and singer Elena Setien, got the attention of the music audience in 2008 with the release of the album “Temporarily Out of Order”. In a playful and experimental manner, the duo combines elements of jazz, avant- garde, cabaret and pop. In their new album “Enhver betydning er også en mislyd” they have joined forces with poet Lars Skinnebach. The book of the same title brought the fine Danish Montana litera- ture price to the poet who was described by the critics as estheticly provoking.





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