Coziness Kills
Coziness Kills
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Jacob Anderskov - Piano
Jesper Løvdal - Saxophone
Anders Mogensen - Drums
Jonas Westergaard - Bass
Cuong Vu - Trumpet
Chris Speed - Clarinet and Saxophone

Coziness Kills is the third album with Lovedale following the Danish Music Award-winning album, Grill Music (jazzalbum of the year 2007).

Coziness Kills features trumpetplayer Cuong Vu and Chris Speed on clarinet and saxophone.

The music is recorded close to fifth avenue in New York with a view of the Empire State Building.  The idea of recording there turned up as the band was giggin in New York, knowing that the music would be at it’s best and still fresh.

The music is moving toward less form and more melody. Less conventions and more subtlety. Less genre and more universal music. Less Coziness.

The Cd proves a long musical cooperation Lovedale has had with Cuong Vu, since their first meeting on Grill Music. He is an extrodinary improvising musician and his sound and energy is unique as well as his melodic approach which draws from both pop, jazz and classical music. Vu has performed with ao. Pat Metheny,.

Chris Speed is probably the most personal clarinet and saxplayer in jazz today, giving the instruments a new lyrical sound. His work with Tim Berne & everybody on the New York Downtown-scene makes him todays number one personal sound.


Jakob Anderskov’s pianoplaying is very personal. He assembles elements from the classical avantgarde and jazz in a dynamic backing as well as soloes.

Jonas Westergaard is playing upright bass in the band when he is not touring and playing with Oliver Lake, John Tchicai and Michael Blake.

Anders Mogensen’s playing is complex but swingin and his personal sound on the drums is an important part of the music played in Lovedale. He has recorded with Gary Thomas, David Liebman,  Rudresh Mahantappa, Ray Anderson ao.

Jesper Løvdal is the main composer of the group, even though all of the members contribute to the repertoire. His latest release Free Fall, with Sam Yahel on piano and Jeff Ballard on drums had great reviews around the world, and he his prizewinning compositions is a great foundation for the spontaneous and adventureous playing in Lovedale.







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