Peter Bruun, Buffalo Age
Buffalo Age
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Peter Bruun - Drums
Nils Bo Davidsen - Electric bass
Kasper Tranberg - Trumpet
Chris Speed - Clarinet and tenorsaxophone

With Buffalo Age the Danish drummer and com- poser Peter Bruun presents a unique collaboration with the highly acclaimed clarinet and saxophone player Chris Speed (USA). The music of the band emerges from the personal musical languages of the individual band members and takes the form of experimental jazz.
Peter Bruun is the orchestra leader of Buffalo Age, the composer of the band’s music, and the youngest musician in the band. In recent years Peter Bruun has positioned himself as a personal voice on the Danish music scene playing with, among others, Jesper Zeuthen, Lotte Anker, Mold and his own band Radar. And in addition to this he has played with Django Bates, Evan Parker and Michael Blake.





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