Floating Islands
Lotte Anker, Craig Taborn, Gerald Cleaver
Floating Islands
ILK catalogue no
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Lotte Anker - Saxophones
Craig Taborn - Piano
Gerald Cleaver - Drums

FLOATING ISLANDS is the third CD from trio Anker, Taborn, Cleaver.

FLOATING ISLANDS is a live concert recording from Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2008 and can be seen and heard as second chapter in a series of liverecordings with the trio after the highly acclaimed Live at the Loft (ILK148CD) which was released January 2009.

FLOATING ISLANDS adds new facets to the musical adventures of Anker, Taborn, Cleaver: ritual patterns, chaotic beauty, deep attentiveness and vibrating poetic statements are further emphasised and explored on FLOATING ISLANDS.

Anker, Taborn, Cleaver took shape in 2003 and has since then performed at numerous festivals and concertspaces in Europe, USA and Canada.

Anker, Taborn, Cleaver is recognised for their strong, present and dynamic expression as well as their deeply intuitive and exploring communication.

Lotte Anker: Known for her intense and adventurous play-also very active composer. Works also as leader of trio with Sylvie Couvoisier and Ikue Mori as well as co-leader of Copenhagen Art Ensemble.

Moreover projects including ao: Marilyn Crispell, Tim Berne, Herb Robertson,Marc Ducret, Fred Frith.

Craig Taborn: Very inventive and highly estimated both as a piano player and his work with electronics in groups like Roscoe Mitchells ‘Notefactory’, Tim Bernes: ‘Hard Cell’ and ‘Science Friction’.

He also works with ao Chris Potter, William Parker and his own projects such as Junk Magic, Craig Taborn Trio ao.

Gerald Cleaver: Super attentive drummer with a beautiful sound and hypnotic play. GC has played with a long list of musicians from the contemporary jazz/improworld: Henry Threadgill, Roscoe Mitchell, William Parker, Miroslav Vitous, Ellery Eskelin, Tim Berne + own groups: Violet Hour and Uncle June.

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