Big Bombastic Collective
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Thomas Caudery - Trumpet & vocal
Niklas Antonson - Trombone & vocal
Stephan Sieben - Guitar & vocal
Thomas Bang - Bass & vocal
Johannes Burström - Bass & vocal
Gustav Sandegård - Drums & vocal

The multi-Scandinavian, Copenhagen-based Big Bombastic Collective (BBC), have since the win- ter of 2002 been a constant source of expressive, outward-going music composed and arranged by the band. The songs that are sung in Swedish are thoroughly arranged, but delivered spontaneously and playfully.
Stylistically BBC is a multi-facetted hybrid of many genres, with musical references to styles such as indie- and post-rock, noise, country and pop music. Based on these references BBC have succeeded
in creating a sound that is both unique and origi- nal, as is the orchestration which includes brass instruments, acoustic and electric basses, guitar, drums and collective singing, proving that this is an outstanding group, who’s music one cannot easily categorise.

The album was nominated for Danish cross-over album at Danish Music Awards 2007




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