Simon Toldam, STORK
Bells of Sunday
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Simon Toldam - Piano
Sture Ericson - Alto Saxophone & Bass Clarinet
Mads Hyhne - Trombone
Jimmy Nyborg - Trumpet
Nils Bo Davidsen - Bass
Peter Bruun - Drums

STORK: Bells of Sunday

After the eponymos Danish Music Awards Jazz nominated debut-album “STORK”, Simon Toldam Orkester STORK releases their second album ”Bells of Sunday” taking further and deeper steps into hymns, improvisations, explosions, tranquillity and surprises.

“When church bells are ringing I like to stand still, close my eyes, and let my ears loose. After a couple of minutes where my ears naturally is focusing on the appropriations, suddenly the sound changes, and a whole new world of sounds arises. The appropriations disappear, and the focus from my ears is drawn towards the endless waves of overtones. Its feels like I am listening through the sound. An invitation to witness what’s going on behind the scenes.

In that micro cosmos there is a rich music so beautiful, natural and untamed, solemnly guided by the raw natural laws of travelling sound waves. That micro cosmos is one of my favorite places to be.”

Simon Toldam, April 2014


Simon Toldams Bells Of Sunday confirms and enhances what the listener had the pleasure to experience in the first episode of Storks adventurous journey - the eponymous debut album from 2011. The lineup of this little orchestra remains the same, whilst the personnel slightly changed (Mads Hyhne has taken Maria Bertels place on trombone): a minimal brass section, alto saxophone/bass clarinet, piano/prepared piano, bass and drums. Toldams compositions and arrangements consist of carefully tailored sketches, which are a perfect ground for urgent collective and individual improvisations. The jazz tradition is regarded as a question instead of an answer, where love for simple and meaningful rituals unfolds itself through edgy contrast between solemn motifs, avant-garde retrieves and hip beats.

STORK stands for Simon Toldam ORKestra; according to some old-fashioned childish belief, a stork (same word as in Danish) was the bird bringing newborn babies - thus happy news and love. Toldam seems to belong metaphorically to the same animal species: he commits himself to superb and fearless aesthetics while supplying listeners with spontaneous, grounded and joyful gestures. In our time, poetry and daydreaming are often relegated to a secondary role, for the sake of constant realism and anonymous “real-time status updates”: Simon, on the contrary, is one of those rare talents warmly inviting you to step back, fly higher with your imagination, and believe in the Stork once again.


After Peter Bruuns Unintended Consequences, ILK adds a new chapter to an uncompromising new series called The White Label Series  (100 numbered handwritten copies, only available on LP).


"Simon Toldam … one of the most exciting musicians and individual voices of his generation." - Marek Lubner, SoundsGreen 

The album is a part of THE WHITE LABEL SERIES:

The White Label Series is a new vinyl series by ILK Music, where only 100 numbered LP issues of each release is available, no download or CD's. All with handwritten linernotes, titel & artist. Bells of Sunday is the second issue in the series.


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