Qarin Wikström, Kostcirkeln
Bästa vän
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Qarin Wikström - Vocal
Anders Provis - Drums
Jakob Falgren - Bass
Stephan Sieben - Guitar
Simon Toldam - Keys

EP - Bästa vän – out on April 1st 2012

An alternative pop quintet with Swedish lyrics and a passion for experimenting.

The Swedish singer and composer Qarin Wikström has in this group, Kostcirkeln, gathered her closest musical soulmates, and created music in the style of garage disco with candyfloss-heartful lyrics. A modern angle on alternative pop music.

Kostcirkeln came with their debut-album in 2007, and journalist Bjarke Søballe Andersen from Geiger wrote about Wikström in his review: ”... this a musical mastermind we ́re dealing with.” The mastermind is back with an EP that you can put on for your private solo-dancing in the kitchen, or on a road trip in the dark, or when you just want to challenge the way you usually listen to pop music.

The music and lyrics are optimistic and inspiring, backed up by energetic arrangements with a touch of cool. This ep is first part of a trilogy, and Kostcirkeln is planning to release the second ep later this year. The members of Kostcirkeln are all very active on the music scene of Copenhagen, playing with Savage Rose, Anders Mathiasen (Murder), Mikkel Hess, Pinkunoizu, Eggs Laid By Tigers and Big Bombastic Collective just to mention a few.

CONTACT    ⇒    ⇒    Press: & Booking: qarinwikströ - phone: +45 60 81 97 77 ⇐ ⇐

Qarin Wikström: Winner of 2 Danish music awards, and has through the latest decade been an important contributor to the Dansih musical scene as a singer and composer of alternative pop bordering to indie-jazz. Bands like Kostcirkeln, Attaboy, Sekten, Babakarej and Big Bombastic Collective has all been sprinkled with the scent of Wikström. She has also created and participated in several ground-breaking contemporary dance- and theater performances, her music material appearing on 7 albums and 1 film.

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