Agnostic Revelations
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Chris Speed - Tenor sax & clarinet
Jacob Anderskov - Piano
Michael Formanek - Bass
Gerald Cleaver - Drums

Agnostic Revelations

Danish Pianist and Composer Jacob Anderskov has made more than 10 highly acclaimed albums as a Leader.

After projects spanning from solo piano over miscella- neous duos, trios & quintets, and 3 albums with his infa- mous Anderskov Accident, he has turned to the “classic” quartet format. Yet, this quartet album is everything but conservative. It is Anderskov at his best - visionary, spiri- tual, and surrounded by some of the leading musicians on the planet within the lingo spoken here.

Anderskov says, “I am very thrilled about this album. It contains 7 of my compositions plus a short collective setup improvisation, around one hour of music. It brings together different threads in my production in a way I have dreamed about for some time. It draws upon the grand-scale music I have composed for a.o. Anderskov Accident & Copenhagen Art Ensemble, and yet has a spirit and a kind of awareness also found in my small groups and my solo work. The title [Agnostic Revelations] came to me a few weeks after the recording. It points to certain contemporary con- ditions of life (“agnostic” as in not believing, yet embracing the doubt), and at the same time, it savours the idea of the revelatory, quasi-religious experience that art can be.”

“Jacob Anderskov has in a few years grown to be one of the most exciting musicians in Europe.” - “Jazz AM RHEIN”, Köln, De, September 2008 ”... one of the most original voices I’ve heard on the instrument

in some time.” - Marc Medwin, Cadence Magazine (usa), April 2007.

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