3 of a Kind
Dane TS Hawk 3
3 of a Kind
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TS H√łgh - Alto Saxophone
Nils Bo Davidsen - Bass
Kresten Osgood - Drums

The veteran of hybrid-music, the saxophonist, com- poser, band-leader, writer and outertainer T.S. Høeg (Dane TS Hawk) has for several years been leading this trio with the both strong and original bass- player, Nils Bosse Davidsen, and the omnipresent dynamo, the drum-troll Kresten Osgood.
The trio originated from the tentet, Dane TS Hawk & The Locomotion Starsemble (A General Broad View, ILK 104) in Høeg’s desire to approach a decidedly neo-jazz expression, and to try one’s strength against versions of compositions by deceased favourite jazz-bigwigs.
So for the first time on an album Høeg can be heard playing compositions by Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorn,Thelonious Sphere Monk and Lasse Gullin, and it couldn’t be done without the empathetic backing from the two exceedingly jazz- trained musicians: Davidsen and Osgood. The rest of the material on the album consists of Høeg’s both older and recent compositions, which Davidsen and Osgood contribute in the finest way giving a refreshing jazzy twist. Or as Høeg says: “My two fellows, Bosse and Kresten, carry me in a king’s chair.”

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