Emanuele Maniscalco

Emanuele Maniscalco is an Italian artist living between Brescia (IT), Copenhagen (DK) and Malmö (SE). He was born in 1983 and took up music at a very young age. His main instruments are the piano and the drums, but he may also name himself as a composer, an arranger, a listener, a thinker, a writer, a photographer. This multiform sensitivity came both from humanistic high-school studies (at first within ancient Greek and Latin language and culture, then more oriented towards philosophy, pedagogy and psychology) and a natural, never-ending curiosity about different forms of human expression - from architecture to spirituality, from literature to alternative medicine. 

The definition of musician has always been restrictive for Emanuele, who would never find himself as interested in the technical aspects of music as many of his colleagues would. Since his very first steps, music was rather an endless flow for him, not a question to answer to, but a mystery which could be kept alive only by taking risks.

Emanuele is a recording artist for ECM since 2012, and his second work for the prestigious German label will be released in 2015 with the band Third Reel (Nicolas Masson and Roberto Pianca). And since 2014 he has been a member of the ILK collective.

«I have always been interested in having an honest and uncompromising approach to music. Already in my early childhood, I was cultivating the beautiful art of listening: while doing that, I enjoyed playing melodies, chords, rhythms and other sounds, by myself or together with other people. Those were essentially the same things I am still doing today - I am only learning how to fall better. I never fear silence, slowness or emptiness. Repetition fascinates me, as well as unpredictability».

- Emanuele Maniscalco

«An adventurous musician with a bent toward exploratory modern creative jazz and rock».
- Matt Collar, All Music


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